bespoke signage

  • Distressed wood with direct printed graphics
  • CNCed 18mm thick wood. Distressed to look old.
  • Champagne directional sign
  • Set of champagne bottle signage
  • Toilet signage
  • Brand new 'second-hand looking' blackboards

not straight out of the box signage !!

Our good friends at Peachy Productions had a signage request from Krug Champagne for thier special event where Krug took over an island and invited VIP guests.

The brief for the signage was 'distressed wood, the kind you find at the beach after it has been there for 10 years ' !

Fresh got new, 18mm thick, end laminated pine panels and went to work destressing it. Layers of different coloured paint and then rubbed back and scratched to bring it to life.

Not just rectangular signs but also directional signs shaped like Krug champagne bottles ( and a few 'used looking' blackboards thrown in ).

The CNC machine did a great job on the cutting and the Direct To Media printer finished it all off.

Another very happy client. So happy they kept the signs after the event for their office!

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