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West One Bathrooms Fascia

Illuminated Folded Tray

Fascias are a popular type of signage for retail properties as they provide a large area to work with and are usually clearly visible to customers and passers-by. 

An external shop sign or a retail fascia above the outside of a shop or even a sign incorporated within a window play a decisive role in attracting customers. Consequently, it is incredibly important that your fascia is impactful and weather resistant as it will be the first contact your customer will have with your brand.

Your fascia is a reflection of your brand and is a window into your business; it is an expression of how professional you are as a business.

A shop sign that looks unprofessional or one that is badly executed will inevitably have a negative impact on your business.

Retail fascias are a relevant part of sign making as they present an array of possibilities which range from simple black text on a plain background to LED illuminated 3D lettering. The possibilities are limitless.

Here we present to you a 3,645mm long, 810mm high, 30mm deep folded tray that we produced for the prestigious luxury bathroom supplier West One Bathrooms.

This folded tray is made of 2mm thick matt black aluminium composite on which we mounted halo illuminated fret cut brushed steel letters. An elegant and visually stunning fascia that undoubtedly attracts customers to pop in.

Our team is very experienced in the production and installation of retail fascias and is ready to help you with your shop's new look. No project is too small or too big for Fresh Graphic Solutions Ltd. Our aim is to present you with solutions that enable you to turn your vision into reality.

Call us on 020 8390 55 05; we're here to help!

  • West One Bathrooms Fascia

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